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#1 11 years ago

Hello all you Gamers, I am here to talk about a game that is still in testing. No I am not a dev or affiliated with the company that makes it. I am a gamer just like you. The Game is based in the 23rd century. It’s a Sci-Fi team base game similar to the star trak shows or Wing Commander. Game is player run barely any NPC’s but NPC’s exist in all MMO’s so you will see some. Story line is the timeline it self Player RP events happen to change the course of the game. So no telling if one min we are at peace or at war with the governments near by. It is as close as possible to the star charts we have today in real life. So you can travel to the Systems you would love to see. Theirs even Black Holes time space ripples then game has many anomalies. Well here is a quick introduction of the game from the devs. [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]“Welcome to the 23rd century.[/COLOR][COLOR=black] [/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]In StarQuest Online, you can assume the persona of a character living, exploring, fighting, and possibly dying in this future world.[/COLOR][COLOR=black] [/COLOR][COLOR=black] As an intrepid fleet officer, swashbuckling pirate, devious smuggler, deadly bounty hunt[/COLOR][COLOR=black]er, or ordinary civilian you and players like you will shape this world and its history into whatever you make of it.[/COLOR][COLOR=black] [/COLOR][COLOR=black] The designers of StarQuest Online have created the starting point, it is up to you to bring the world to life.[/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Good luck.”[/COLOR] Well thank you for letting me tell you about this game. Its team based so the more players there are the better ships can run the events can stay consent and the fun would never stop. Don’t look at the graphics or the sounds try the game out and check the way the game runs. You may find that even the ugliest of games can have heart and be lots of fun. Try it and you won’t regret it. Here is the link to the site and my email if you have any questions. [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Sign, Captain Marques Elliott U.A.S. Yorktown BCSS-29