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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I recently purchased Black and White 2. I installed the game successfully and ran it from the disc. The splash screen came up and the game loaded. The problem is all I can see is a black screen with all the normal sounds playing (intro sound, music, etc). How can I fix?

I have downloaded all the lastest drivers, and have all the latest windows updates.

My system speccs are;

Pentium 4 3.6GHz 1024MB of DDR2 RAM Nvidia 7600 Geforce GT (256 MB) 160GB of Hard Drive space


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#2 13 years ago

Hey Syroco, you and I both posted about a week ago and nobody has helped either of us lol! so maybe we can help each other. Here's the problem I'm having btw:

But let's start with your problem first. A friend of mine had some difficulty similar to that with the 1st game. It's strange, but once he downloaded the no-cd crack for it, the game worked just fine. So let's start with this and see if it improves your situation any.

Here's a good place to look for a crack:

You'll have to select the crack for whichever version of the game your running. I dont' think it matters much, but here's the link for the patch if you don't already have it:

Like I said though, I think the patch just corrects In-Game problems, it doesn't address any critical errors I don't think.

If any of this doesn't work just msg me back, and I'll try to think of something else to try for you. Since this is a graphics problem and I have a card very similar to yours (7800 GT OC), I can show you how to tweek some stuff around to try and make the game happy.