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3rd June 2006

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#1 10 years ago

Hi I got the game on Friday (love it, BTW) I added it to my list of non-steam games in steam and for some reason, when I press shift+tab to bring up the overlay and then close it again when I'm done, I find I can't move the cursor in-game at all. I did a quick google search yesterday and found nothing, so I was wondering if anyone's had this problem before and how could I fix it? Obviously I have the option not to use steam at all in the process, but I'd like to be able to. Regards, Marn


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25th September 2006

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#2 10 years ago

I have this same problem, and haven't been able to find a way to fix it either. I would really appreciate it if some one would post how to fix it in here. I bought the game through Steam and I would like to be able to use Steam in it.