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#1 12 years ago

Having strolled around game sites for a while, with a great expectation of finding a different RPG game from what I’m currently playing, Shadow of Legend, I’d like to say now I would still like to stay with it, maybe I’ve already been addicted to it after 1.5 years of time spend on it and been attracted by the game story, the game events, the stories happened in the story that I just find I couldn’t easily change my game style now. It’s a fantasy world where everyone is an invincible warrior, with a combination of intelligent gameplay and highly impressive visuals, a definite purpose of what you’re doing in the game. There are many interesting online events, whether you can leisurely plant mushrooms anytime when you are tired, lazily enjoy Sunbathe on Turtle Island, or Guard your homeland to be a hero.

The most fascinating system is PVP. There are open PVP, Arena, Guild Castle Siege in conjunction with an honor system and a criminal system, which provide unparalleled intensity of SOL PVP experience.


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#2 12 years ago

Everyone's invincible? Sounds boring to me.


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#3 12 years ago
Yes, to me it is.
SOL is the closest thing to Diablo 2, an all time favorite to hundreds and thousand old school players. It’s A vast world with diverse landscape, with a wide array of standard mmorpg features: Stunning graphics, Decent animation, Intense PVP, Challenging dungeons and instances, No pointless grinding, Extensive crafting system, Skill Progression and Reborn System and so on.
Most importantly, SmartCell, the developer, would release a 2.5D version after the great successful of 2D one, I'm just looking forward to it, and you all can know more here: [COLOR=windowtext] .