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3rd November 2006

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if you have any information about star trek online What is Star Trek Online? STO is a persistent world where hundreds of thousands of players immerse themselves in the world of Star Trek. You will explore the galaxy, defend against incursions, and pursue the needs of the Federation in space and on planets' surfaces. Who is making this Game? Perpetual Entertainment is a San Francisco based company created by MMO and networked game veterans with the express purpose of developing ground breaking persistent world games. Will there be a monthly fee? Yes. The fee will be competitive with other products of our genre. Will the content grow during the lifetime of the game? Yes, through updates and expansions On which platform will this game be available? PC


Which time period or series does this game occur in? The game's starting point is set some time following the latest movie (i.e. "Star Trek Nemesis"). However, there will be missions with storylines and characters from other parts of the Star Trek franchise. What are the playable factions? At launch all players will be part of Starfleet. Additional factions will be made available via expansions. What are the playable races? What professions can I choose? The following playable races & professions are being considered: Races: Vulcan, Bolian, Human, Trill, Bajoran, Andorian, Tellarite Departments: flight control, medical, science, tactical/security, engineering Will you be able to travel and explore space? We expect to give players considerable freedom to explore space and discover the unknown. However the primary motivator of player experience will be Starfleet directed missions. What area(s) of space will I be able to explore? The galaxy is a big place and realizing even a small section is an enormous undertaking. We are still in the process of determining how big an area we can build and where it will be located. Will you be able to explore the surface of planets? Yes. Star Trek Online will enable Starfleet members to visit, explore, and engage in problem solving and combat on planets throughout the galaxy Will there be an economy? We expect there to be some form of economy though we have not yet decided on its exact form. As in the series, an economy will be present, but not emphasized. Where will players live? We believe the concept of crew quarters is core to the Star Trek experience, though we are not yet ready to disclose how the system will work. How will players get around? Players will have access to all major modes of travel seen in the series including transporters, shuttles, and starships these are the main things if anyone else has any please post


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30th April 2006

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This has already been posted here:


Also at the bottom of the forum page select show threads from the beginning and you will find almost everything that is currently know about STO. ;)

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