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#1 15 years ago

Post your favourite strategies and tips. I'd especially like to know how you play the early game and if you concentrate more on science, city-management or conquest or a healthy mix of all.

I usually try to build new cities as quickly as possible (each new city produces one defensive unit, then a settler, then a worker), this worked very well in all other Civ-parts but in Civ4 it seems to be more difficult to get the right timing as you have to let your city grow a bit before it can produce units quickly enough.

I also used to try to conquer as many foreign cities as possible in the early game because that was the easiest way to win in Civ 1 or 2. Now it seems to be more difficult to use this tactic.


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#2 15 years ago

I usually try to blockade mineral rich areas as early in the game as possible. I will knock out early competition in my area and then build my cities so they enclose my area. For example if I'm on a peninsula I will build my cities so they close off the peninsula to foreign traffic and work my way back down the peninsula. I have successfully blocked off Europe this way and it proves to be of a great advantage all throughout the game.