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14th February 2004

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#21 14 years ago

TTRPG != TCG Huge difference. Except perhaps for Dragonlance 5th Age (damn--add another system and setting to my list), which used cards extensively, except in a different fashion. I understand that a deck of cards is also used for character creation in Deadlands, but I digress...

princessrainera[COLOR=Purple]Yeah I could never get into warhammer much. The painting is to teadius for me to do. and when i finnaly had the chance to play the game, i ot ditracted. as far as other tabletops, I play or have played birthrite. That was a wierd game or maybe it was the dm either way it was weird lol[/COLOR]

Birthright was an excellent setting. I think too many people had trouble with the notion of running a realm versus pure adventuring. I liked the BR ruleset of large-scale combat much better than some of the earlier D&D forms. And it shows, since I've got most all of the core supplements to the setting :)

White Wolf has pretty much supplanted TSR for me, though...


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3rd July 2006

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#22 14 years ago

[COLOR=Purple]yeah well... i wasnt very fond of it. white wolf has a great system i think[/COLOR]

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Necrons and Night Lords