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16th June 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Based on UE3 tech, Tactical Assault is the third edition of the Tactical Ops series of mods for the unreal tournament games.

It started with Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror, a total conversion for UT99, which became so popular it went retail. The game was played more than UT99, but people started to get tired of playing the same thing over and over, while other games were coming out, with newer and better engines. When UT2004 came out, a new Dev team made a new mod, named "Tactical Ops: Crossfire". It sucked, and didn't go retail.

Now, after years of development, Tactical Assault (Tactical Ops 3, if you want to say it so :p) is coming close to releasing their first beta. It looks way more promising, and it's going to be free, and does not require UT3, as they went to the dev kit that allows you to fully publish your own game, instead of the UnrealEd packed with the game.

Check it out: Tactical Assault :: Home [SIZE="1"] I'll update with any news here. And no, i'm not part of the Dev team, i'm jsut a hardcore Tactical Ops fan. Also, i wrote this whole post, so it's not a copy/paste from the website.[/SIZE]

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#2 11 years ago

I remember playing Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. I wasn't aware it started out as a total conversion though. I'll keep an eye on this, and see how it turns out.