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30th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hey whats up everyone. i just started a new clan called new balance. i am looking for some older people with high honor who are interested in joining. if so email me at [email=""][/email]

in this clan teamwork is a must. you must have the knowledge and skills of how to effectively cook nades, clear rooms, watch buddies back when only 2 of you, must be qualified in sniper and all other training tests, being SF is a must also.

exceptions can be made for the soldier who is borderline. The proper training needed will be taught. This sounds kind of strict i guess but i am just trying to emphasize it being elite. The honor is not so much a deciding factor but if you are able to play with teamates and have good sportsmanship...NO CHEATERS!!!!! Upon your review it will be noticeable if you cheat so if any cheaters out there you need not apply.

I am looking for another as soon as possible to possibly co-found and to sign up in 2v2 TWL.

Since this clan is new i have no server yet. Waiting to see how it grows. Thanks for your time all. Do have teamspeak though.

the site is

check it out!!!bb.gif My ingame name is {N}{B}Dr.SuEsS...64 honor...and 3.31 fragrate on aaotracker.