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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR=darkred][/COLOR] Teamspeak: Hey all Just getting the word out that we will be recruiting new players for Quakewars. Team501 is a Multigaming community that has player from all over. Our main focus will be on Quakewars but we will also have players for other games like Teamfortress 2, Unreal 3, and even World of Warcraft. Check out the site if interested. We are currently playing Red Orechestra, Day of defeat and WoW while we wait for Quakewars so don't be afraid to sign up for any of that, or just come join us on out Teamspeak server. We will be participating in league play and will have a brand new 32 player server ready to go as soon as they are available. We're focused on having fun so don't think you won't get a chance to compete. We do not recruit members based on skill, but rather on personality. We're looking to add members to this Team that we can get along with and play on line with day after day. Its all about the fun factor around here, not how leet we are! [COLOR=darkred]Recruitment Forums[/COLOR] UNCLESAMQW.jpg