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#1 14 years ago

not a good Title, but did not how else to word the reason for this post. This game as do many others uses sound directly thru verbal commands and hints and indirectly, sounds like bushes and step etc. Problem for me as the ears don't work-deaf as a post. Have been able to get thru some of the games "Call of Duty" using "walkthrus" kind folks have posted, but so far have not found any for this America's Army. Lots of things can be figured out or achieved by trial and error, but occasionally it takes way too long and in some cases seems the way is never found. So the question is: does anyone know of walkthrus or even text scripts, or are there other deaf players that have suggetions to offer. Thank you



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20th June 2004

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#2 14 years ago

sry what? i have enabled the new soundthings on my server and i tested many words or phrases and what do you think i hear? jep NOTHING i cant find infos about that new thing and the idea with the walkthreus:sry dude NOONE here want and Do post this here! this is NOT a fu** cheaterboard:p play the game,and if u are good you can make the specialthings to.