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#1 13 years ago

The 3rdID is Recruiting! We are expanding the unit and we are looking for soldiers to fill the ranks! We have requirements which will be listed later, but first here is what we are offering you: A working Teamspeak server A private practice server Comraderie An Organized unit TWL Competition A Great Gaming Experience

That is what we will offer you. Here are the requirements to join the 3rd Infantry Division: You must be willing to dedicate your time to the 3rdID. You must have an honor level of 20+ (some exceptions). You must be 15+ in age. You need to have 500+ kills and a fragrate of 0.75+ You must have aaotracker. You must have Teamspeak. You must have a microphone. You must have MSNM. You MUST be on for squad practices/scrims/TWLS.

We will email you after you have applied, and we will tell you if you have been accepted or denied. If you are accepted then you will be notified that day (unless posted late at night). When we say notified we mean via MSNM. If you are not on MSNM in 3 days, then we will email you. If you havn't responded by the week is over, then your application will be removed. We look forward to having you in the 3rd Infantry Division! Hooah! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email me or add me on MSNM at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]