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READ AND UNDERSTAND BEFORE ENLISTING Be sure to read the following and make sure that you are completely willing to agree to the terms stated below. We do not make exceptions and we will decline immediately anyone attempting to enlist who does not agree to the terms below.

You must have MSN Messenger You can download MSN Messenger at Microsoft's website: messenger.microsoft.com.

Concerning MSN Messenger after your application has been accepted: In addition to having this program, you must also have your MSN Messenger nickname correstpond to your in-game name: Lastname[RCT-42nd]. Do not do this now, do this after your application has been accepted. You will be expected to keep your MSN nickname reflecting that of your in-game name at ALL TIMES.

You must have Teamspeak. This is how we communicate. If you are not familiar with this program, you can visit their official website and read about the program. Download is free. http://www.goteamspeak.com/

You must have a connection speed that equals or is greater than CABLE/DSL. We are not currently accepting applicants with net speeds slower than CABLE/DSL.

You must have an AAO Tracker account. Don't know what it is? Find out and sign up at www.aaotracker.com. You will be supplied with our unit number and password when you become a Rook.

Please follow these instructions when posting your enlistment application. Failure to comply will result in a denied application.

HOW TO ENLIST You've read the above requirements and you think you have what it takes? Excellent! Follow these easy steps to submit your application.

Step 1. Go to www.the42nd.com and click on forums. Then go to Enlistment Office.

Step 2. Creat New Topic and Enter your name in the subject line using the following format. "Lastname, Firstname"

Step 3. Copy and Paste the following into the body of the post.

EA1 Personal Information

EA1.1 First name *Answer here* EA1.2 Last name *Answer here* EA1.3 Middle name *Answer here* EA1.4 Date of Birth *Answer here* EA1.5 Location *Answer here* EA1.5 MSN Address [REQUIRED] *Answer here* EA1.6 EDT (E-Mail address) *Answer here* EA1.7 Scout (who recruited you) RCT-Spencer <== Put my name for who recruited you.

EA2 Americas Army Information

EA2.1 AA Username *Answer here* EA2.2 Current Honor *Answer here* EA2.3 Have you completed SF training? *Answer here* EA2.4 Favourite map *Answer here* EA2.5 Why is this your favourite map? *Answer here* EA2.6 Least favourite map *Answer here* EA2.7 Why is this your least favourite map? *Answer here* EA2.8 Weapon of choice *Answer here* EA2.9 Connection speed (i.e. cable, dsl, etc.) *Answer here* EA2.10 Best time to attend drills. Choose one: Friday nights, Saturday mornings. *Answer here*

EA3 General info

EA3.1 Why do you want to join the 42nd? *Answer here* EA3.2 What can you offer to our unit? *Answer here* EA3.3 Please write a paragraph describing yourself to us. Community is an important part of the 42nd, so we would like to get to know you a little better. *Answer here*

Step 4. Replace *Answer here* with your answer and submit the post. LC Paredes: Make your answers as concise and as complete as possible. Do not leave out any information which may be necessary. If we need to ask follow-up questions then you've already been denied.

Your application will either be approved, or denied with a reason. You will be allowed to repost your application if it is denied.

If it is approved, your username will be changed to RCT-Lastname (the last name you provided in your post). Keep this in mind when logging in: it's RCT (hyphen) Lastname. Your password will still be the same. If you have trouble logging in, clear your cookies and try again. If you still encounter problems, PM your recruiting liaison.

Step 5. Wait for a Recruiting Liaison to repond to your application. If you have been accepted, follow his instructions carefully. NOTE THAT THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS. You will be immediately notified if this process will be any longer. Please be patient if this is the case.

Tracker: http://aaotracker.4players.de/clanprofile.php?clanid=19203