The best gamers are unemployed, single and female... 4 replies

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#1 2 months ago

So apparently....If you want to be a competitive gaming champion, it pays to either be single, unemployed or a woman.

Purely statistically, it isn't too surprising, although I'd have expected less advantage purely for being female, I suppose, but it's got to be time spent as the former, and purely some kind of natural talent predominant to women in the latter?

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#2 2 months ago

Well, 1 out of 3 ain't bad I guess...

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#3 2 months ago

Interesting use of statistics. Take one specific game wherein only 4% of the sample is female, ask how often they win, see that the number is higher, and extrapolate that to the 48% of all gamers who are women. I think there is an outlier here that needs to be investigated further before jumping to such conclusions. If 48% of all gamers are women and women are in fact more talented in gaming than men, I'd expect a roughly 50% win rate for top tournaments by women. But this whole girl power vs. boy power thing is just silly IMO. Just do what you like. If you've got talent in a certain area, go for it, and don't let anyone judge you.

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#4 3 weeks ago

By the way, it's interesting to me too.


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#5 2 weeks ago

Statistically, I question the verity of the in depth reporting...thousands of years ago when I was an aspiring college student, I was introduced to the 5 problems with statistics along with a clear point - use statistics as a means to enhance an already established fact or don't bother.  Statistics are a tool used by an argument that can't back itself up with facts.