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The Conspiracy of B. At the very center of the game is the very question: who/what/where/when is B? What is the conspiracy about? The plot consists of four teenagers being hunted by a man with no conscience and no apparent motivation. Secretly, his boss wants the four teens, who are known only by their respective code numbers, to survive. There's a bunch of codes to crack, and a man who posts scripts involving Hung Low and the Stereotypes of Town X. Three factions battle it out for the teens, and nobody knows who's screwing who. The bad guys are very cooperative. The good guys say nothing, and when they do, it's always very cryptic. The neutral act like they know nothing. Mix in the kidnapping of a US Presidential candidate's daughter, and you might just have a winner.,, are all sites involving this oddity. SPOILER/TIP: When you're at the section "The Next Move", then you should be heading to bterminal3, and try to access the second account at the website. There you'll be able to learn who kidnapped Julia Blackwolf.