The current value of Console vs PC? 2 replies

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#1 7 months ago

So, I'm so out of the loop with PS4 and Xbox One right now that I just don't know what the situation is with them these days. Are the prices of these consoles affected by the GPU shortage? If not, are they a cheaper way to get into gaming than buying a PC due to the expense of PSU's, Memory and GPU's these days?

Also, what are the games like now? PS4 vs Xbox, I think PS4 would win out for exclusives?

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#2 7 months ago

If you're in it for exclusives then the PS4 (or I'd say PS4 Pro) is the way to go as all future First Party Xbox Exclusives will be on PC as well as part of the Play Anywhere campaign.

As for pricing, that really isn't affected. You are not going to see the consoles go up in price over their MSRP.

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#3 7 months ago

Honestly? Yes. It's cheaper to get into gaming through consoles - and in some respects better, too.

I have an old processor, so if I wanted to upgrade it now it would require a new motherboard, which requires new RAM. In total, those components would likely exceed the cost of a console alone. Then you have all the issues with poor PC ports, potential game breaking issues, and incompatibilities.

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