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#21 11 years ago

The idea that the PC cannot handle such a game is nonsense really. Compared to a good PC games consoles are pretty weak. Crysis is an excellent example of this, see this link for some explanation of the matter. Here is a very good quote from that article which i think sums up the situation between console and PC games very well:

Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek has a point to prove. He wants to show the world that gaming on the pc is not dead, but rather more alive than ever before. The PC gives Crytek much more freedom than a console such as the Xbox360. Crytek have many goals they would like to achieve with Crysis. Some of their goals just can't be achieved on a console. Unlike many other game developers, Crytek have integrity. Cevat Yerli has a vision, that is to make the best FPS ever made. That milestone is just so much harder to reach on a console due to the hardware limitations.

To be honest, it seems as though Lucasarts has moved a lot of attention away from the PC and on to consoles, which i think is a bad mistake. PC's always have been, and always will be more powerful than even the best games consoles, and Lucasarts 'excuse' that they wont port it because of 'PC's cant handle it' and 'it wont be accessible to a wide audience' is nonsense. If a game with such incredible graphics as Crysis can be very scaleable, there is really no reason why Lucasarts cant do the same with the very impressive, but still lesser game engine that they are using for the Force Unleashed. :Puzzled: Generally speaking, consoles are quite limiting in the scope of game that can be produced for them. This is because console players for the most part, wont be sitting infront of their TV playing a game for 6 hours flat out. This means that console games are usually fairly short in comparison with PC only games. With the exception of the Final Fantasy series and other similar games of course. Consoles seem to me, to be the kind of things where you just chuck a game in, play for 30 mins, and then go do something else. I generally would have thought that the average PC gamer spends alot more time playing games than the average console gamer. =p Added to that is the fact that alot of PC games are hugely moddable, simply because of the versatility of the platform. Do mods for console games even exist?! The simple fact is that Lucasarts reasoning is nonsense, afterall it is on PC's that they are designing this console game in the first place! Bah, i wish Lucasarts would go back to the good old days... Anyway, im off to continue plotting my crazy trans-atlantic coup attempt that will se me installed as the new Emperor of Lucasarts! MWAHAHAHA! "Then, at last, we will have good games..." :naughty:

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#22 11 years ago
Serio;4404457What is the PS3 then? The trashcan where they drop all the failed games? Seems like it that way.

Can't argue... PS3 is not a testing console it is a rubbish bin or a console for MGS4 playing only...however not sure if emulator for PS3 is out.

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#23 11 years ago

I signed it. I have no idea what it is about, or what this thread is discussing, but I signed.


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#24 11 years ago
Ihaterednecks;4408652I signed it. I have no idea what it is about, or what this thread is discussing, but I signed.

That's all that's important :)


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#25 11 years ago

My comp may be better than my PS3. It blows the 360 away.

Anyway, this thread belongs in general gaming. The rules of this subforum state that gaming discussion is not allowed here.

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