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[color=red][size=28]The Parachute Regiment[/size][/color]

So! Your interested in looking for a new unit, with lots of possibilities, leadership positions open, key positions on gettign a new unit up and running to beccome one of the greatest, most respected, feared and honorable regiments the virtual battlefield has ever seen. Well we are interested in you too! We are currently recruiting Civi's to come join our regiment and take up leadership positions. So if you are interested in a regiment that is a emulation of the REAL British Parachute Regiment check us out. We promise you that you wont regret it. Before you do apply ask yourself these questions:

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Realism down to Medals, Sections, Firetams and The Chain of Command Leadership positions Honor, Intergrity and Respect British ranks system [/color]

Our Regiment is not just open to british people, but its open tothe whole world, thats right, everyone! You can be in texas or Israil. If you fancy your hand at the british way of running things then give us a shout at The Parachute Regiment then just jump on to the forums, register, post in the correct forum and your application will be passed or failed in 12 hours, but very possibly that it will be done in less then that. We look foward to seeing you there "Second to None"