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#41 14 years ago

Name: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64) Difficulty: For single-player mode on easy and medium (I forgot what they were called in the game), and the first 10-15 or so multiplayer challenges, its pretty easy to difficult but fairly difficult. When you get to the hard setting in single player and the other multiplayer challenges, as well as the last hologram tutorial, it's literally throw your controller against the wall, and the floor, and the wall some more until it breaks difficult, and I actually broke a controller from frustration over that game. Multiplayer challenge #30 is possibly the most difficult thing in gaming history. Advice: Mulitplayer Challenges: Fortunately, for the multiplayer challenges, you don't have to beat them all to get all of the bonuses you can get by beating the challenges unlocked, but you do have to beat at least 3 or 5 to get to the next 5 or so. Anyway, just beat the ones that you can and maybe a couple of the easier frustrating ones. Some of the high ones are rediculously easy given the stupidity of even the hard bots, so don't be afraid to try them at least once. I think you only have to beat 23 - 26 of them to unlock all of the multiplayer things. You can also play with more people in the multiplayer challenges, but a particular challenge usually gets harder when you have more people playing it, but it only takes one victory, no matter how many players you had playing, for it to count towards a multiplayer bonus. Firing Range: Most are easy here, and then they're are some of those rediculously hard ones. For the AR34 rifle gold test (the one with the sniper secondary firing mode), crouch as low as you can get so you can get a 100% accuracy rating for the test, otherwise it's impossible. For the Shredder (or whatever it's called, the alien minigun), crouch for the tests since it basically has no accuracy at all. Single Player Hard Setting: Unless you're under a time limit, take your time in the levels and take cover as often as possible and make sure that you have no-one behind you when you take cover. You pistol, especially your default one, is your best friend, believe it or not, in the hard settings because you can place your shots well. Always go for headshots if you can with enemies; they are instant kill. If you can't stay still in any part of a level, then run and gun and don't look back. Overall, a player's guide helps, especially the one from Bradly Games (I have that one) because it tells you how to beat everything. It's not a guarantee that you will, though. If you want to cut corners, unfortunately there are no button-combination cheats and some of the cheats are near-impossible to obtain in the game and you can't even use them to get other cheats (they should have used the cheese alternative; find a piece of cheese in the level for the cheat. The pieces of cheese are still in the levels in the game but they don't do anything nor give you anything). There is a trick, though, with the multiplayer challenges that allows you to play an easier one and have it count as a hard one when you beat it. I'll have to look it up. Beaten: Yes, on all difficulties except for the bonus missions (the last one is rediculously hard even on the easy setting). I've also completed the firing range (with all gold medals) and the tutorial missions (which gives you the duel gametype). I haven't completed all of the multiplayer challenges, though, and will probably never, but I've completed enough legitimately to unlock all of the multiplayer stuff. I had to use the trick mentioned above to get access to all of the challenges, though. I also don't have all of the cheats (the all guns cheat is rediculously impossible like the invincibility cheat in Goldeneye). EDIT: Here's the multiplayer trick courtesy of IGN.

Hint: Beat Challenges Easily Having trouble beating some of the tougher challenges in PD's Combat Simulator mode? Here's little loophole that lets you easily beat all the challenges without any problems. All you need to execute this trick are two controllers and a memory slot to save your game. Using the first controller, select Advanced Setup and create an easy scenario with nothing but MeatSims. Save the scenario, then access the Load Settings screen -- but don't load anything. Now use the second controller to select a challenge you would like to beat. Press Start until it says "ready and waiting." Finally, use the first controller to load your scenario. You will now be able to play the challenge with the easy settings of your custom scenario. This trick will work with all challenges, but you have to change the combat setting depending on the type of challenge (eg: Hold the Briefcase or King of the Hill). You can use this little trick to completely customize the challenges, including the time limit.



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#42 14 years ago

Stuntman hard at times instructions get hard at times, and you have to remember what to do every time you try a scene. Be good at driving games No, i got stuck on the last movie, and haven't tried it since.


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#43 14 years ago

Name: Smash Court Tennis: Pro Tournament

[color=black]Difficulty: its starts off really easy but then i gets fcukin hard (damn u Pete Sampras)[/color] [color=black]Reasons: Two words: Pete Sampras [/color] [color=black]Advice: kill Pete Sampras[/color] [color=black]Beaten: wat do u think Pete Sampras[/color] aarrrggg!!!!:mad:

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#44 14 years ago

[color=black]Name: Ninja Gaiden, Xbox (soon to be Ninja Gaiden Black)[/color] [color=black]Difficulty: throw controller against wall[/color] [color=black]Reasons: Itagaki doesn't care about your feelings. Basicly he feels that if you cant beat this game, at least on "easy mode" you dont deserve to play it.[/color] [color=black]Advice: If you get angry or Cry easily dont play it. Calm down, learn enemy attack patterns and get faster.[/color] [color=black]Beaten: Yes, on normal. On Hard I got stuck on the second level.[/color]

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#45 14 years ago

Name: Tekken 5 (PS2) Difficulty: Moderate, until the final boss. Reasons: All the characters you encounter, on easy mode, are fairly simple. Then comes Jinpachi, the final boss. Jinpachi is a massive demonoid human and the progenitor of 3 of the main characters in the game (father of heihachi, grand father of Kazuya and great grand father of Jin.). The first time I tried him, he killed me in two moves. Two. Moves. If he manages to throw a fireball at you, you're dead, unless you're in perfect health, which is unlikely because his first attack is virtually unblockable. Advice: You need to kick him back somehow. Then, when he teleports closer to you, find a move that will knock him back again. I know, it is a cowardly tactic, but everything else seems to fail. And when he charges a fireball, sidestep. Watch it though, sometimes he throws several fireballs. Beaten: With quite a few characters, yes. But not 100%.