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#1 14 years ago

OK, I am posting here so anyone who is thinking of actually paying by month for a MMO should forget that notion. I, as well as many others, have been treated with a complete lack of respect and ignored by the same people we pay to serve us. I'm trying to find all of the people out there and hope to dissuade you from spending and money whatsoever with SoE or its affiliates. They are simply uncaring, rude, obnoxious people who only care about a Buck, and nothing else. End of rant ------------------------------------------------- Quote from one of my many many posts about lack of services. Just FYI, this has been posted for over two weeks, with somewhere around 50 replys...not one from anyone in Customer Support, even though this is their foum... "Ummm, OK, its been quite awhile now, getting pretty upset... What's the deal? If it's simply never going to come back please let me know, or if it IS going to come back, wth is taking so long? Come on people, you have to know something. This is certainly going to make me, and it looks like quite a few other people, more and more angry. Pretty soon not only will lose the 50 bucks for the transfer I want, you will also be losing the three accounts I pay for every month as well, and also any future money I pay for expansions, adventure packs, whatever. And you can multiply that by whomever is becoming as disgusted with this as I am.../shrug maybe I'm not too savvy of a businessman, but even I can see that this could be a bad thing! I don't understand why we are unable to obtain ANY info, you simply can't be that compartmentalized...can you? Quote from Jason (shhh, this is ACTUAL customer service, a quote) "What's there to talk about on this? The service is down for the moment so that our development team can fix it. There is no ETA on resolution, yet." (the service has been down for a long time) Well Jason, what there is to talk about is customer service that is completely lacking. As a customer service rep I would think you could spend your time making the people who play the game enjoy it a bit more and enable them to get all of the content that they are supposed to get. Remember, we are required to pay monthly to play this little ole game, so customer service should reflect this. You should strive to not only get our business, but to KEEP our business. Short, uninformed, sometimes rude comments made to people who are simply inquiring about services, or for that matter who are justifiably upset about Sony Online Entertainment's faults (remember, you have to keep it in your heads at all times that we are ALL PAYING CUSTOMERS, RIGHT NOW) should be inexcusable. Over the past month I have been more and more upset with the Customer Care exhibited by SoE and it's affiliates, and yes, I have been a customer of SoE for quite a long time. If these events continue to occur I will be forced to sever my relationship with SoE and the EQ Series of games, however regrettably I do so, due to the seemingly complete and total disregard for the same customer base that have helped you get to where you are now. The Transfer service is just a part of my current frustrations with this game and is keeping me from enjoying the game to it's fullest. There are many more shortcoming and mishaps, actually too many really for me to even attempt to list. It's amazing that you have the customer support that you do. How can you possibly expect for it to remain that way when the entity, being Customer Care/Support, who are supposed to be supportive, informative, and helpful are anything but? Maybe I'm just rambling, but it so happens that I am very upset by this and it may just force me and what appears to be many others to simply quit. The people who actually use the forums are a very small minority and I'm sure our views are shared by many many people who choose NOT to utilize the forums. It seems to me that SoE should attempt to fix some of these inadequacies, and share that with it's customer base, or face the probable loss of valued customers that have been with them for years. Reply from PlanetX (customer) "As a recent refugee from World of Warcraft, I notice a real lack of customer support in the forums. If this kind of thing happened there, chaos would ensue. I expected a more mature and fastidious support structure from SOE. What a disappointment." Reply from Gherault (customer) " have to agree... I was just browsing the support boards for info on compatibility with 7950 GT's and came across some very rude support replies to customers. One especially caught my eye where a thread was locked for "being posted in all caps"... the support representative said that it was a violation of the TOS, which I read again specifically looking for the "all caps" clause- and surprisingly couldn't find. It seems like the techs are probably underpaid and under staffed, but they shouldn't be resorting to angry abuse of their powers in a forum that can only be accessed by paying customers." Reply from Philtronx "Went out and bought a whole new account, logged on and activated it, all for the purpose of transfering a character to dual box. This is crap, "What is there to talk about?" How about telling us why its down? Between me and my wife, I pay for 4 accounts to this game. I have hardly any qualms canceling all of them if the Attitude from CS doesn't change quick. I understand that you can't help all the people all the time, but the utter indifference shown from the people whose salary we are paying is astounding." Reply from PlanetX "This quote from a CSR, Jason, takes me back. What arrogance. It's like SOE is doing us a favor taking our money, unreal." These are just some of the replies from other paying customers. And yes, there are many many other rants atm. Features going live with ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING, being over run by people who hack, clear zones, and farm in-game currency to sell online for real money, and of course the complete lack of concern from SoE on anything at all ever. So please, if you wish to try out and MMO, stay well clear of Sony Online Entertainment MMO. It's disgusting how they treat paying customers. But I have heard nothing but fantastic things concerning WoW, so that could be an option as I have never played that one.