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Please Read this before posting a "what do I need to make..." thread

Here’s a list of thing that you will need to make a mod, skin/icon, or model Alo viewer, Particle Editor & String Editor - - Note Not Up to date for UAW Format EAWExtractor byRenEvo Software & Designs Universe at War: Earth Assault | Petro-Gamers - Works for FoC MEG Extraction Mega-Texture Editor v1.1 by ? Universe at War: Earth Assault | Petro-Gamers An xml editor (you can google one or use notepad) - Personally I use UltraEdit32 or Notepad.

Other Useful tools FinalBIG v0.4b with EAW Support by ? -> This Tool also works for FoC Extraction of .megs Universe at War: Earth Assault | Petro-Gamers Photoshop unknown if plug-in is required (cost money) - with dds plug-in Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing (free) Gimp with dds plug-in GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program (free) ddsconverter by ? DDS Converter (2.1) -

The UAW Plugin For Model Conversion has yet to be released. Also I am pressing Petroglyph to Release a Plugin for a free/OpenSource modelling Programs such as Blender, the EAW Converter will not work for UAW without an animation editor as the Source code and way the engine handles commands has changed.

Please also note that the Petroglyph Modding Tools for UAW will be released sometime in the next few months so keep a look out on UAWfiles for the Downloads. Universe at War, Universe at War Downloads -

The EAW modding tools found here:

They may for UAW but they are not tested.


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