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#1 18 years ago

The game has been released (finally!!!!) You have not slept in the past month. Your girlfriend does not remember your first name. Your friends have a slight recollection of your existence. What are you going to do next?


I didn't make it!

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#2 18 years ago

Im sure he will answere soon enough, but I can give you a part answere. He will be working on Messiah for DC and The Matri... err... Action fighting game on PS2..



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#3 18 years ago

Just Working on My Demo Reel and Resume wink.gif

haha. No, actually there are a couple of things to do for the Dream cast version, but that isn't to bad. Mostly I'm working on Prototypes and concepts for the fight system in our next game. FUN!

The best parts of a project are right at the beginning. I just love the creative process of initial design. This time around we have a much better Idea of what the final product is going to be, so now I'm planning the motion captures and addition animators. Speccing out what we need.

hmmm, that old message about not keeping a girl friend. ahaha. I lost a lady mostly due to Messiah. But, now I'm dating the blonde in the Photo with me. When you take a long perspective, things generally change for the better.