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8th May 2016

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#1 2 years ago

Pros: - Bosses are really unique and fun to fight against. Sure they're kind of easy once you know their attack patterns, but I usually build characters that have less than 20 vigor so the challenge is still present.

- Environment is really beautiful and engaging. Lore wise, it's pretty dependent on the first Dark Souls and tons of flashbacks yea but I can live with it. Seeing Gwyndolin devoured and becoming a monstrosity made my blood icy cold because that wasn't expected.

-Jolly cooperation is better than ever, with two or three phantoms alongside the host and slaying entire areas together. Because of the password system allowing any person (regardless of level or items) to join is a huge benefit to the experience.

- Covenants like the Mound Makers are a breath of fresh air. A phantom that can either help the host or backstab him? A phantom that can hurt the other phantoms and enemies in the world, regardless of what color? Now that's a cool aspect to have.

- Fashion souls. Because armor cannot be upgraded and poise is disabled, you're pretty much free to wear whatever and not be at a disadvantage. Granted, protection & armor is still a thing but you can do wonders while having the lightest clothes on too.

- NPCs / Quests are super complex. What I wanted in Dark Souls II was granted to us in this game. Hell even the Fire Keeper plays a bigger role and can alter your ending if you provide her certain items. But seriously, quests are awesome in this game.

- The music. Jesus man, they nailed the music with each boss fight or certain area you embark on. I had to buy the Deluxe Edition just to get my hands on the OST's and it was worth every pretty penny.

- Each build has significance in the world of Dark Souls. Even luck has it's benefits from getting more item drops, to a spell caster wrecking a boss in seconds. Despite no poise, tanks are still super useful in drawing aggro while others can dish out the DPS.

- Enemies don't despawn in the game, so you can farm to your heart's content. Thank god for that ...

- This game has some Bloodborne vibes to it. Certain enemies and bosses (like Aldrich) are nightmare fuel and brings out the fear factor. Sure it's not a horror game, but certainly does a good job making me shiver at times when looking at their designs.

- Character creation is really in depth and I love how crazy (or how immersed) you can go when creating your Champion of Ash. Unlike the previous Dark Souls games, I found myself adding detail after detail into my character without feeling disappointment. Cons: - PvP is weak in this game. If your build doesn't involve having a fast hitting weapon or something that has a broken hitbox meter ... good luck. It's a spam fest, without strategy in most cases. Also I rarely see fight clubs but rather gank fests instead now a days.

- Invaders have it really bad. Host can summon up to 3 phantoms, can get a Blue Sentinel to save them, can use Seed of the Giants to make enemies hostile to invader, phantoms can heal as well, but worst of all ... invaders come in with less health and estus flasks.

- The Darkmoon Covenant makes me feel utterly sick. Not only is it insanely difficult to get auto summoned as a Blue Sentinel, but Silver Knights have an abysmal drop rate (Took me 12 HOURS to farm up 30 Proofs of a Concord Kept with 450 item discovery.)

- NG+ doesn't add anything new whatsoever. Unlike Dark Souls II changing enemy location and adding new challenges to the mode,Dark Souls III only raises the difficulty up by a slight margin. Only add ons are +1 and +2 rings.

- Exploitation. Holy crap dude ... i've seen level 9 players already have end game gear with end game weapons and armor. Once they level up, they're going to have a huge advantage over most of the players in PvP or in PvE co-op.

- Hackers. On the PC, if a hacker so much as touches you- chances are, From Softwares ban bot will consider you a hacker due to the sudden increase of souls / corrupted items and autoban your account. Fix this crap immediately From Software.

- Variety in spells (pyromancies, hexes, miracles, sorceries, ect) is lacking. Sure the spells are really cool overall, but there's not that many for each build. We need more spells to feel satisfied, so hopefully the DLC offers more spells period.

- Way too much rolling and stamina recovery. This applies for both PvE and PvP since anyone can roll 10x or more with little to no punishment in doing so. Come on guys, cap the amount of rolls a player can do since it gets really repetitive.

- Easy to screw your playthrough up if you miss something or somebody. Because you're very likely to not find or complete 100% of every side quest, you will miss out on certain NPC's vendors or awards late game, making Guides an obligation to look up.

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25th November 2006

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#2 2 years ago

Tbh they should've ditched the "III" and used the subtile "Castle Wars".

It's more purdy I'll give it that but level design I find lacking.

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#3 2 years ago

I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, and I probably won't until it goes on sale. I feel like my interest in the franchise sort of burnt out by the second game. Too much of the same ideas blended together with barely any innovation. It didn't feel like the leap from Demon's Souls to Dark Souls. It just felt like an extended expansion pack, and honestly I got rather tired of it halfway through.

That's before I read about how Namco treats their fans, and how they've essentially ditched the earlier incarnations already. 

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#4 2 years ago

I'm too afraid there will be significant personal property damage if I play it. I start having a temper tantrum after dying for the 10th time in a row, and this happens often with easier games. I'd probably be without a computer or any monitors if I played the Dark Souls series.