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#1 11 years ago

Eidos President confirms Tomb Raider 9, Hitman 5, Kane and Lynch 2 @ Gaming Target I just hope it gets back to basics, and relies more on the actual exploration aspect more then "Story" aspect, cause that's what made Underworld and Legend feel different from the rest of the tomb raiders, Legend more so then Underworld since legend was definately more linear then the rest, but Underworld also fealt different... Anyway, i just hope i get to see some african locations again.


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#2 11 years ago

/me gets giddy at Hitman 5. Tomb Raider is for kids who haven't discovered porn yet.


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#3 11 years ago
Metall_pingwin;4913260/me gets giddy at Hitman 5. Tomb Raider is for kids who haven't discovered porn yet.

... The tomb raider series has one of the largest gaming icons in video gaming history as it's heroine and has gone to sell over 35,000,000 copies world wide... So, a little more respect would be appreciated.


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#4 11 years ago

Ah, another Hitman game, excellent. I really enjoy that series. Tomb Raider, let's see where they go. They seemed to be heading in a new direction with Underworld. As for Kane and Lynch, is a sequel really necessary? The first game was not that great and generally underwhelming given the hype they had given it before release. I just didn't see the need to continue it. Unless they plan to overhaul everything about it from the ground up, that would be a welcomed change as the game had potential, but was just poorly executed.


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#5 11 years ago

Even for an aging gamer like me, Underworld was quite boring compared to the physical challenge that was Anniversary. If they keep going the direction of easy exploration games with the focus more on eye candy than challenging gameplay, I may lose interest altogether in the series. Underworld could have been so good had they taken the new ideas in it and done it Anniversary style.

I really don't feel Underworld had much more of an appealing story than Anniversary, but then I don't wax nostalgic with the beginnings of the series and ache for the news of how it will continue. So Anniversary for me was not the let down many claim it was for not having a great story. It was only meant to pay homage to the one that started it all, and it did so with great challenges from the enemies, to the timed relic puzzles to the grapple jumps.

Great stories are nice to have and all sure, but once you play the game through once, it's already unfolded. Anniversary left a hunger after the first play through just to see if you could master the many difficult challenges, esp on higher difficulty levels.

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#6 11 years ago

Hurray! I've been awaiting the mention of Hitman 5. Blood Money(Along with Silent Assassin) are some of my most played games.

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#7 11 years ago

I've always wanted to like the Hitman games, but the guards always knew who I was immediately.


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#8 11 years ago

I just hope Lara comes to Australia and the designers dont pull the same bullshit they did with Underworld.


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#9 11 years ago

Hitman 5 is the one i'm looking forward too that most.