Total War: Rome 2 faces Steam backlash over female generals 2 replies

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#1 1 year ago

Total War: Rome 2, while so far seemingly being a popular entry in the series, has come under some backlash in the last week due to a perceived increase by players in the number of female generals that are spawning in the game.

While the complaints seem inexplicable and a little late, being the feature was introduced the game way back in March, many players are arguing that the number of female generals spawning in the game has recently increased, and as such it is not reflecting a realistic picture of history.

The strange part, however, is that there's been no update or any evidence found to suggest the rate of female generals spawning has changed since the March update, so it's taken nearly 6 months for the 1,144 negative reviews on the matter to start appearing. Indeed, the developer itself has come out to say the following via Twitter;


— Total War (@totalwar) September 25, 2018

So it seems that while it may be possible that certain factions, in certain situations, may be seeing some more female generals, the complaints on Steam do seem a little overblown, especially given that it's fairly trivial to mod the game to remove female generals altogether, or change statistics, should players wish to do so.

Do you feel the complaints are justified, or is this much to do about nothing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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#2 1 year ago

They're overblown to hell. There's nothing incorrect about CA's approach. The Kush had a number of high profile female warriors, as did the Britons and various other tribes. The Romans didn't - which is also why the Romans have a 0% spawn rate for female generals.

6th October 2018

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#3 1 year ago

Ive not had an increase in spawning. And Rome has a 0 percent Spawn rate. While Kush does have a realistic 50 percent rate. This is a mob mentality on Steam. CA did not pamper a few cries of Gender crybabiness now everyone needs to chime in. Paradox went through this when after 4 to 5 years of DLC for CK2 and EUIV. And they didnt budge despite the tons of negative reviews. Kudos for not caving in to CA. I like the family trees being put back and gasp there are women and one might become a general. If you dont like it, thats your perogative. Leave the game but I hope you dont throw a 12 year old tantrum like some reviews I read