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#1 2 weeks ago

So I love train simulators, they're a nerdy and somewhat niche genre of game, although much like Euro Truck Simulator, most of them are at least on the 'decent' end of the spectrum when it comes to simulator games, many of which can be complete trash.

So a trailer dropped today for a brand new train sim, known as Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator, and on first glance it seems like a pretty impressive, albiet run-of-the-mill train sim.

My curiosity was first peaked when the cross-sectional view showed the train was hauling, well, contraband, apparently.... and well, things only get stranger from there...

Before you know it, the train's hit a tree, has snow pouring into the engine room, and you're maiming a pack of wolves with an electric chainsaw....  fair enough, I suppose this is Russia after all.

But this is clearly a survival game crossed with a train simulator, as far as I can tell, with the aim no doubt to survive the entire trip, the Trans-Siberian is one of the longest railways in the world. Oh, and you can drive the train drunk too, apparently. Which helps, I guess.

We don't know any more about this new game just yet, although the developers are asking folks what they want to see from the game on Steam, so it may be in early concept stages currently, and I'm just surmising the likely premise of the game.

That being said, it's certainly caught my attention and it'll be one I keep a close eye on.

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#2 2 weeks ago

What about all the...."enemies of the nation" Stalin is moving to the concentration camps in Siberia? Are you supposed to defend them until you reach the camps, or do you care if they die on the way?