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20th July 2016

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#1 2 years ago

Maybe you folks can help? Recently, I've decided to re-install Mortal Kombat XL for PS4. During the installation, an error popped up saying that the disk could not be read, but that went away after the installation was complete. After it was complete, the game asked me if I wanted to install all my DLC (I have all characters) and I accepted, it installed it all, but modes were appearing in red and were inaccessible and costumes were missing. After everything was finished installing, only the KP1 characters were available but not my KP2 characters. I tried reinstalling multiple times and now it tells me the data is corrupted. I have tried rebuilding the database but it didn't do anything. If anyone thinks they can help me, please feel free to do so, thanks!

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#2 2 years ago

Is this the only game that your having  issues with? Any deep scratches/cracks on the disk itself? This is what it sounds like to me, either your HDD on your ps4 is going or the disc itself is damaged thus muckin' up the game itself. I'm leaning towards the disk. Have you tried phoning PS4 support to see what they can do for you? Have you contacted Nether realms? Do you have friends that have a PS4? if you do see what happens when you install the game on there PS4. for example if the game installs fine with no issue then you know it's your PS4 that causing the issue. It is fails and messes up you could assume that it's the disk itself. 


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#3 2 years ago

Sounds like the disk might be scratched up. If that's not the case, the disk drive could be faulty. I suggest you phone up Sony's support line and see what they say. This might be something they're familiar with.

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#4 2 years ago

Yeah, one way to eliminate the possibility of it being the disk is to try another disk in the console, if it works, then it might be the drive. If not, it's the disk.

It could potentially be a weird problem with software, though, in which case I am not familiar with the PS4 but I imagine there may be a way to reset and restore it, or delete all the game data and restart the installation from scratch.

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