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i am going to go over the VERY basics to mod uaw first off were going to make the robotic infantry have weapons that obliterate KEY: anything with this around it is not noticed by the game called token what the xml file reads called code string ok first download the xml files. then copy them to your desktop. now open the xml folder, then open the units folder. then find a xml file that says


open it with notepad. or with Microsoft word if possible now look down the file untill you find this:

Laser_Novus_Ohm_Robot BANK_NOVUS


18.0 0.0





No 500.0 2.0 Yes Yes Novus_Small_projectile Novus_Small_projectile Military_Rifle_Dirt_Collide Military_Rifle_Dirt_Collide SFX_Novus_Small_Damage_Detonation

ok now that you there find these code string: 500.0 2.0 now we want them to go twice as far so replace the 500.0 with 1000.0 and now we want to change the damage so replace the 2.0 with say 40.0 you have now made the novus infantry super powerful. now to make them cheaper and build faster stay in the same file. now go to the top again. now scroll down until you see this: 10 50 3 Yes 1.0 Yes 1

Tactical_Units 100 100 5 0 now change the cost tags to 1 and the time to 1 for both sections

now for the last part for this tutorial will be making them have more health. first go to the top of the file. scroll down untill you see this line: 200 now that you see that change the number to what ever you feel like. save it. then drag the xml file into the C:\Program Files\Sega\Universe At War Earth Assault\Data. then play the game to see your all powerful units ageist the Ai

NOTE:you may not play online with a modded game