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#1 12 years ago

So I dowloaded the game from steam and installed it, and then ran it, but when it got to the ubisoft logo screen which takes about 6 seconds normally, it ran at a frame for every almost 30 seconds, turning it into a 15 minute clip. I decided to try to wait the 15 minutes to see what happens, and it turns out that instead of going to the next clip, the ubisoft clip restarts. I got the CD for the game, and I have the same problem, and it happens with the demo too. It also happens with the patch installed. I went to "can you run it".com and it told me that I should be able to run it very well. My PC specs are: Windows XP 3.4 GHz 1022 MB (1 gig) of RAM NVIDIA Geforce 6800 video card DirectX 9

If you know what the problem is, pleeeease help me because i have played the game on a friends computer and it seems really cool.