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#1 2 years ago

Earlier this week, Polygon released a "first look" on Doom. But they seem to have picked someone who was... Not quite experienced with the game. And when I say "not quite experienced", I mean they picked someone who was so bad as controlling the player character that it was basically comedy. Have a gander at this compilation that someone put together, with some humorous music on it:

I'm rather amused by this. Some people are a bit uppity about it, but I don't see the big deal. It's not a pro-player, but it still shows the game off. 


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#2 2 years ago

I think if you stare real close, you can just about make out the part where they switched to the keyboard and mouse.




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#3 2 years ago

That looks like how my mom played Halo for the first time... O.o

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#4 2 years ago

Anything with the name "Polygon" attached to it should have a sign that says "Have no fucking clue what we are talking about."

Let's not forget how these are the blokes who said GTA 5 is the worst game ever, and it promotes criminal behaviour. The simple truth is that if you are fucked in the head, you are fucked in the head, and you are going to take it from wherever it comes. In the vast majority of cases, myself included, violent games help me NOT do things. An hour of playing the riot mod for GTA 5, and I forget what I was angry about. Better I slaughter virtual people than slaughter real people.


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#5 2 years ago

Wouldn't surprise me if they some how managed to determine that Doom is sexist as well.

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#6 2 years ago

The first portion looks about like me whenever I pick up a console controller.

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#7 2 years ago

Jesus H. Christ in a handbasket, I thought I was rubbish at shooters but this takes it to a whole 'nother dimension*. It looks like somebody's playing it on a gamepad, but they can't multitask at all - he has to keep stopping to aim like his hand's not big enough to keep his thumb on the analogue stick.

On a somewhat related note, as Polygon raised the issue about how racist this game is towards Hellspawn?

* That dimension is hell by the way. Zing.

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#8 2 years ago

Well, given the source, I dunno what I expected. It certainly wasn't that though. That was just unfortunate


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#9 2 years ago

First off Polygon prides itself for being a progressive gaming online rag.

So instead of it's reviewers being the "Shootie  guy" the "Rts grog" or the "RPG guru" you get idiot casuals whose lamenting on the lack of (insert minority group here) representation in a game.

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#10 2 years ago

Was Polygon ever okay? All I hear about that website seems to be negative. But in all cereality, I don't know that they're objectively much worse than their peers. Can anyone bring me up to zoom on their ranking in the grand field of video game journ...can't do it. I can't finish that sentence. Boy, I sure am looking forward to getting Doom!