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#1 13 years ago

Hey! UIS is an already established MOHAA clan(www.uisbrigade.com). I am wanting to start a new division of {UIS} just for Joint Operations(and/or expansion). We have a site now, but will probably have a new site becuase of the new look, undecided at this point. I am making a site so hopefully we will!!! Our mohaa clan has 3 servers(match, custom maps pub, freeze pub) and we have TS etc etc. We are about 20 members in our mohaa part. Right now we have a bit under 5 unsure members for the Joint Operations division. We will try to get into competitions, but for Joint Ops especially we play for fun and enjoy gaming. I would really appreciate anyone interested in joining the new Joint Ops division to contact me or post in forums at www.uisbrigade.com... of course you can still join our mohaa division or both, but i posted this for Joint Ops !!! (joint ops > MOH... lol) -Luper msn/email: [email]suppawok@hotmail.com[/email] site: uisbrigade.com


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#2 13 years ago

filll out the offical thred for clans plz. to best make alist of all calns