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#1 14 years ago

Hello all, The United Federation clan is recruiting all types of players from anywhere around the world. We have a dedicated Call of Duty division, all Battle Field games division, a Counter-Strike division, and a Multi-Game division for all other types of gamers. Our website is www.unitedfed.org and you can check out our new site being built at www.unitedfed.org/beta We have a dedicated Team Speak server/servers a Call of Duty server, Battle Field server, and a freelance server, we are working on getting a CS server. We currently have 44 members. Contact Information X-Fire: macmancsf E-Mail: [email="xdeathbychoicex@aol.com"]xdeathbychoicex@aol.com[/email] my user name is [UF]2ndLt. Mac Kenobi Commanding Officer of the Multi-Game division thank you for your time