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26th February 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Hey guys. Some of you may have heard of my universal mod manager (see Adelphos Pro Backfire, Call of Duty 2 Downloads, Call of Duty 2 Modding or http://forums.filefront.com/general-gaming/325007-mod-management-software-1.html) Ive been working on it for over a year now but need help developing support for the games supported on filefront. Here are my plans: BTW, the program is over 5000 lines and written in Liberty BASIC (Google it). What are my plans? 1. Add network support to sync mods between computers. I can do this by creating shares, although I'd rather use TCP. 2. program programs (in VB, LB, C++ whatever) that can detect new mods for all the games supported on filefront 3. program programs that can install new mods for all the games in filefront. 4. Create Mozilla addon that will automatically install mods through the installers (if supported mod type, ie not installer exe) downloaded from Filefront when you click "Download" 5. Improve Right-Click context installer & add more extensions to the program, like CommandLine mode for installers and stand-alone net sync programs that can work through the central GUI Who I'm looking for: a. 1 or 2 advanced Liberty BASIC programmers (REALLY easy language) b. 1 or more programmers per game (VB, C++, any language for windows) that are willing to create small programs for their game(s) that detects mods installed (Does not need a GUI! It will need to create a mod support file & accept 1 command line: an optional source file name for use in the context installer) c. Someone who knows Java and knows how to create Mozilla addons (I can learn, but it would take time)

Level of Commitment: Not much. In fact, you don't even need to contact me. If you want, just post a 'what do you need' message and you can upload your finished program here. I'll of course give you full credit for your program (BTW this program is open source)

What's in it for you: Imagine a fast mod manager/installer/Net Sync/Toolbox all in one open source kit! I think this program has lots of potential.

So, what do yall think?