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BlitZ, The 57th

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20th April 2007

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#51 11 years ago

yay! my first poll post thread and im getting hot for nuts review/opinion/anwser/reply/thoughts/did i mention opinion?/"professional view"


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17th August 2007

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#52 11 years ago

lol dont think this is the greatest thread ever. im sure it will end eventually. if not then i agree with you.



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12th February 2007

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#53 11 years ago

Foshjedi2004;4092365The Big Community Announcement - Petroglyph Forums

Leggos-PG = Mike Legg SCC-PG = Steve Copeland

The Entire of PG development staff are online throughout the game giving helpful tips and pointers. Please Show me another developer that has this :)

As I'm a Moderator on PG (as Raiden, Now Foshjedi2004) - I am in the Special Moderator thanks Section It is an Incredible honor :)

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What's with all the bragging? Of course staff should be online and all the time, mostly it's called "help and support". Lot's a games do it during launch, went and bought the game and I'm going to leave no comment for fear of getting banned for what I think of saying. So lemme just say that I went and got a refund and will never buy a game from petro again. This will end my posing in this thread.