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#1 5 months ago

I've noticed with certain games powered by the Unreal Engine, one being Train Sim World (I know I know) that they can often take ages before the splash screen shows up and then the game loads.

I have them on a mechanical HDD but the load times are still a good minute or two from launching to seeing any form of splash screen. I figure this may be DRM related? But I am not sure. Does anyone have any ideas and how I can fix it?

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#2 5 months ago

Some lazily programmed games get worse over time. I recently played Battletech, where for some reason the loading time is proportional to the number of save games you have on your disk (I think they fixed this is in a recent patch).

Some not so lazily programmed games have caching mechanisms that will optimize start time, but that kind of stuff normally runs in the background. Steam has an option to verify files and clear cache that you could try.

You can run a defrag over your hdd, might slightly help. Also make sure you have enough free space in case there is any swapping going on (can watch ram consumption during load, if it runs out swapping will slow you down).

Best options is probably to buy a SSD and move the game there.

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#3 5 months ago

This seems to affect most of the UE3 games I have.

Have never found a way to fix it.

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