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16th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I feel like I need to upgrade my ECS P4s5A+ cause its 4x AGP and my P4 is only cranking 1.7 ghz at 400mhz FSB, Mem is 512k pc 3200 at 400Mhz Got an ATI 9500 vid card w/64 mb of mem. 12 frames per second on AA is typical and headshots are followed by my certain death in a spray of lead from the opponent. My honor is a hard won 23 and I finished E & E at 2 FPS, or frames/second. I have T-1 cable at 2.8 Mb/second down and 500 k up so that ain't the problem. All in all it's embarrassing so you got to Pay to Play. I figure going to an 8x mobo and a 2.8 ghz processor (Prescott) will solve the problems...or is the Direct X 9.1 ATI 9500 the source of my trouble? I Like Intel 875 or Abit equal and clock to 3.2. ATI 9600 is a good deal now. Any suggestions and no, I don't want a $1000 Processor etc.etc. Price is important espccially when you have to upgrade every 2 years. Any comments would be apreciated because I play the German wanabes early AM and I have some scores to settle.