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#1 12 years ago

Hi all,

I used to play descent (1 and 2) a great deal, I loved that you had so many degrees of freedom.

Actually to play well you needed a joystick with an excellent hat switch, but once you got that, it was a real blast.

As I said, I liked that you could fly so well, the monsters were very well done, the levels were very enticing.

But now that I have a fancy computer and a snazzy video card, what modern game could I play that can be compared to it ?

I don't like doom-like games at all, and civilization-like games are so slow.

Any ideas?



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#2 12 years ago

Well, it's not much like descent, but you could give your joystick a go at Freelancer or the X trilogy.



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#3 12 years ago

Unreal Tournament on a MonsterHunt server maybe ? You can't fly on all maps (on some you can ^^ ), and not all maps are very "speed", but it's quite fun anyway (well, most of the time ^^ ).

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#4 12 years ago
Lord Wiener;3525296Well, it's not much like descent, but you could give your joystick a go at Freelancer or the X trilogy.

LIES!!!!! Freelancer doesnt support joysticks, its mouse control (which i actually prefer)

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#5 12 years ago

Freespace 2 was a fairly challenging game, and I believe it was the successor to the Descent series.

Independence War 2 is also really good. I'd actually have to say it's been my favorite space sim/shooter.


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#6 12 years ago

Thanks to all for your advice.

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#7 12 years ago

Time for a big list of space sims:

Firstly, I second Wiener's nomination for the X series. They offer 100% freedom to do pretty much whatever you want.

Wanna get a bigger ship before continuing the plot? Take a time out and raise the cash. Wanna wipe out a few stations and replace them with your own to conquer the market? Go right ahead.

They're called "sandbox" games because that is essentially what they are - a live universe with total freedom. X³: Reunion definitely expands on this concept far more than X:Beyond The Frontier and X²: The Threat did, but they're all great games forming an excellent overall series for those who are fans of Elite and other games of the same breed.

Ironically, is usually rated far higher than , and many fans will second the notion that it's probably the best point for a newcomer to start at since X-BTF and X-Tension are hard to come by these days.

Just be warned, the X-Universe series games start slow and have moderately steep learning curves (although this is smoothed out if you've played the preceding games). Stick with them, though, and you'll be well-rewarded with a brilliant space sim that definitely earns it's title of "21st-Century Elite".

Highly recommended for any space sim fan.


Freelancer is mouse-controlled, and substantially less complex than other space sims, but it sacrifices complexity for playability and scale - multiplayer vanilla FL servers can comfortably hold up to 128 players. Some mods are rumored to increase that limit, but I've never found them. :clueless:


Independence War 2 is a few years old now, but it's certainly a worthy game in the space sim line. In fact, before Egosoft created the X-Universe series, IW2 was top of it's game, coming closer to Elite's throne than any other space sim which had tried to take the throne before it.


I'd have recommended the X-Com series if this thread had come up two years ago, but X-Com gets old fast, and the only flying done is when you're in battle. Still, grab a demo of them and see if they appeal to you. Never know, you might just enjoy yourself.


DarkStar One is apparently great, but I haven't had a chance to try it out myself.


This one isn't out yet, but The Divine looks set to be the one to watch for 2007 as far as starfighter sims go. Then again, it's not like it has much competition as of yet. =/


Jumpgate - The Reconstruction Initiative is another oldie, but it seems to have some spark in the fact that it's essentially an online version of Elite. Sadly, it comes off to a very slow start, and my experience with it beyond the beginning phase is non-existent so I can't really make a recommendation.


I missed off a few that really should have been listed, mostly because you need to run those specific games through MS-DOS to get anywhere near the title screen, let alone the game itself. Meh.

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