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#1 13 years ago

Well now, another problem. Other than the initial instruction of 'throw the flashbang and assault the terrorists' ... If I've not had some experience, I'd be as stunned as the terrorists smilie.gif. I'm assuming that the HUD is supposed to be the direction/location of the 'unlock door in the dark' but how in the hale do you find what you can't touchy feely ? Using <> or enter on a pixel by pixel basis ? Good grief. More over, the real problem is, the timer gets caught in a loop. As long as this is on problems, US Weapons (and Basic Marksmanship for that matter): Who designed the accuracy of these things ? I qualified sharpshooter on the Camp Pendleton range at age 14 with a M1 Garand. My all time favorite was the M14. When across the pond, I traded the M16 for an 870, more in keeping with my task at the time. The 249 is a sweeeet lil tool but you couldn't hit Grand Central if across the street with it. I know it does better than the game displays. When dead on ( you know you are since there's no dust tracks) and the target don't go down ? Gimme a break. The 203 isn't much better but the grenade launcher is HOT ! I truly dropped two in the laps of the farthest out (some experience there too - remember the ole mid '60s, the bayonet lock ons and use a blank to fire it off ? smilie.gif ) Hopefully, 2.4 will solve some of these. You'd think after all these years and versions they'd have nailed 'em already. Maybe the new Unreal Engine will do better. Some of these are why I dodn't bother playing it for 3 years - at least now I can get my 201 file updated properly. Downloading as I write, -46:15:06 and counting smilie.gif .


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#2 13 years ago

There was a bug in version 2.2. that made it impossible to complete MOUT. [The door would not unlock after throwing the flashbang into that room]. I recommend updating to version 2.4, as you are apparently doing.