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#1 15 years ago

I had v2.5 running very well. I installed the 2.6 patch. I have had to reinstall my TCP Winsoc stack (internet connection ability). I've also had to reinstall Norton AV (that was a real sum beech process; Symantic's removal tool is a BS, Black and Decker type cheap, ineffective tool). I am not saying v2.6 was the culprit, per se, but games are known to be a prime source for system hackers (even non AA related). If similar problems occur for you, my contact channel is available, I'll walk you through the corrective processes for Norton. To prevent WinSoc problems, I suggest you contact your OEM soonest possible for the WinSoc repair tool and keep it available. You cant do jack without being able to connect to the net. I may even be able to send you that tool, size dependent.