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#21 9 years ago

Go go Valve Time!!!

I want Episode 3 before I die dammit!

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17th December 2005

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#22 9 years ago



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#23 9 years ago

Its been 2 years right? Since Episode 3?

At least portal 2 gets news. We don't even have any more recent news on episode 3 no more. Its like friggin' Deus Ex 3. NO NEWS AT ALL!?!?!?


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18th July 2008

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#24 9 years ago

Portal was awesome. It's worth checking out Portal 2 to see if lightning can strike twice.

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29th January 2007

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#25 9 years ago

MrFancypants;5260024They are still working on episode 3? Won't the engine be completly outdated if they don't release it soon?[/QUOTE] They keep updating the engine. There's pretty big differences between the retail, orangebox and l4d engines for instance.

And by the looks of those scan-screens the portal 2 source engine will quite revamped as well.

[QUOTE=BadHairDẵy;5261822]Did you respect Blizzard when they used Blizzard North to create Diablo 1, 2, and LOD? That was a completely different studio they had bought and used to pump out that series of games.

While I do agree with you that blizzard severely lacks originality and that starcraft is essentially wh40k watered down and made less deadly (terran imperials, protoss eldar and the zerg being tyranids), and the same being for the wacrafts. I'd also agree that blizzard never experiences with new gameplay ideas unless they've been tested and proven by their predecessors - hell the gameplay in scII is a pure example of this. The truth is though, that blizzard polishes their games which makes them good.

No originality but craftmanship if you want.


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2nd October 2005

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#26 9 years ago

If VALVe's going to make so much hype about Half Life 2, they might as well, I don't know, continue it. Sometime this century.

Portal 2 = terrible. Portal is a classic. You don't mess with the classics.



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2nd October 2005

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#27 9 years ago

Portal was a classic.

Here's how it is a classic game (to be remembered)

1. New character Chell in mysterious setting 2. Chell progresses through game, befriends companion cube 3. Fights GLaDOS, gets exploded out of Aperture 4. Screen fades to dark.

There you go. Perfect formula for a classic game.

But wait! Hmm... if we milk this forumula for a sequel to a game that wasn't even a full game in the first place, people will buy it! And then we'll have enough money to make Left 4 Dead 3! Or go on a mod shopping spree in our community. I mean after all, if people want something fun like Garrys mod or Counter Strike, they gotta pay for it. We're cool like that.

Or maybe even a new series, like Half 4 Dead Fortress Strike! Wait a minute, Half... weren't we supposed to make episodic content for a game beginning with the word 'Half'? Oh, well. The new generation of teenage gamers we're trying to appeal to don't even know what the hell that is anyways. "Greatest game of all time.." pfft. Halo 3 is the greatest game of all time, since we're kissing Microsoft's ass anyway.

Ok, back to Portal 2. I think its a stupid idea. It's not just me, either. After the whole Valve ARG fail, no one's really going crazy for it.


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20th August 2007

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#28 9 years ago

bud389;5263095I don't plan on explaining this to you fifty different ways, take what i've said so far with a grain of fucking salt, jesus.

..... If i had a nickel for everytime there was a sequel with a new character in a mysterious setting... I fucking hated that companion cube, i was glad i got to burn that peice of shit. Never got that far as i got bored of it and stopped playing. Every single cliche drama movie ever made. Not quite... I prefer a little more replayability then a game with no AI whatsoever with only 1 way to solve all the puzzles/problems. Yay, someone actually notices :D

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26th May 2005

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#29 9 years ago

Oh look, now we have a brand new thread about how awful Valve is. ITT: Portal.

On that note, is anybody looking forward to the coop? I'm really curious to see what sort of challenges they put forth against two people. It's really great to see thoughtful puzzle games make it into the mainstream.