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#1 14 years ago

Some of you may have heard of the [Vantage] clan a while back. We used to be in the top 10 on at least two TWL ladders at that time. At one point the squad held the #1 position in the 4v4 open league for a good period of time. Just this year, the former Vantage founders - Kevin (Brave), JJ (JJysh31) and Eric (Blackdragon) decided that it was time for Vantage to close....mainly just for a loss of interest in AA and other games, and members kept coming and going from no clan, to our clan, to a new clan. In Vantage's place, a new discussion community was formed where old Vantage members get to talk and hang out there with public chatters as well. Striker, a very dedicated member to the squad has been given permission from Kevin to re-make the squad. Being an old member I decided to tag along since Vantage was more of a "family" instead of just a group of gamers that got together and played, and I wanted that family back. Now, with only a few old members interested in joining, [Vantage] has now re-opened and is looking for dedicated and mature players. We are a part of twl and will start competing soon. Having fun is the more important key to being a good member in the squad, even if we are competing. I still like to see members having a good time and not getting upset for losing. Afterall it's just a game right? So if you are interested at all in joining, take a look at our website: http://www.ClanVantage.com Before enlisting we only ask 2 things: 1)you have 25 honor 2)you read and can abide by our rules and regulations Click "Enlist" to fill out a recruit application. There is a one week recruitment proccess which is not hard if you just do the right thing. Hope to see some new faces! ~Killuminati