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Hi there everyone! First: unfortunately, I cannot mod. However, I'd like to, so I'm working on it, but it'll take (some) time. However, that won't stop me from entering good ideas, that could make this superb game even better. I'd like to add that I like things that influence playability en diversity. I don't care for simply upping the effects, power or strength of units. But I am a sucker for new units, factions, new possibilities, that kinda stuff. Soooooo, maybe someone can do something in some mod with (at least) some of my ideas. One of my favourite mods is Zero Hour Reborn: the Rise to Power v4.0. But, I've tried some other good stuff as well!! First of all, I was thinking about some possibilities for the USA-side. I don't know if it's possible, but hey, what the heck? I would like to add two elements that give the USA it's global reach. First, I was thinking about adding a tanker-aircraft (preferably boeing 767 or KDC-10 /MD-11 appearance). Instead of refueling an aircraft, they can reload here (maybe even increasing the payload of other aircraft, since they need less fuel for returning home). The aircraft should be able to stay airborne on station for a long, long time -maybe permanently, thus being in effect a flying airfield? No weapons for this sluggish, slow aircraft! It should be covered by other assets! Second, I had an AWACS in mind (again, preferably an appearance of EC-135 or B767). Give it a really good sighting capability (like the Satellite Uplink in Yuri's Revenge), but not uncovering all of the map (maybe this can be done in an upgrade?). Since seeing alone is NOT what makes the Awacs so powerful, it should also have the same capability as the Patriot-missile system: it should link ALL forces in the area together, so they can launch their own weapons way beyond their line-of-sight, including all ground forces. Or no, even better; create an upgrade (the IVIS-system; this is the military battlefield equivalent of Internet, linking all soldiers on the battlefield together or it could be called J-STARS upgrade; this is the ground version of the AWACS- where the AWACS looks into the air, the J-STARS looks on the ground) so that without the upgrade it only links airborne forces, and with the IVIS it can link up with ALL ground forces. It should, like Patriots, also be able to link up with other AWACS over vast distances, thus creating a huge sphere of influence. As far as I'm concerned, link em all up, let all of your raptors circle just behind those AWACS in a central point of the map, and then let's kick some ass!!! Of course, the AWACS itself should be unarmed, but should be able to be upgraded with flares. The plane itself must be relatively slow and sluggish. (Note: I don't know if this is possible or practical, but in reality an AWACS never flies in circles, but in rectangulars). Now, why should one put this into the game. Well, I had a problem with the Air Force General. Of course, it's very, very powerful, but it's not my style to turtle up in my camp only to let loose the mayhem once and a while, maybe sometimes sacrificing my Comanches to stop huge amounts of tanks trying to push through. On the other hand, it's much fun to let your aircraft patrol in front of your base. Only, they need to rearm, and that happens soon, much too soon, just like the real thing. Now, with the AWACS and refueling aircraft, you can really use aircraft like armour; you can dominate an area more permanently. Now, with all the different generals the effects of the AWACS might be different, or maybe it isn't even available to all USA-players; I leave this up to the inspired modders! ;-) Maybe the laser-general must link it on it's power supply, or with the Superweapons general it is less effective... Finally, I'm not sure how and where to build these aircraft( maybe on an airfield or maybe make it available as Generals-upgrade, or a combination), but it should be expensive, and only available after the Strategy Center has been built. While this might seem to favour the USA, I have some ideas in mind to counter this. China. Ahh, the Center of the World, or something like that. But militarily speaking it still is the butthole of the planet. But, like this game shows, that will all change. Thus... I'd like to create a new Anti-air system for China. More specifically, the Russians have been claiming for a decade to have created an anti-AWACS missile. NATO feared this missile even before the Berlin Wall fell, but if it does exist, it's effectiveness remains to be seen. However, since ZH plays in the near future, one might assume that the Chinese have been able to create field this fearsome weapon. How did I have this in mind? Well, I must say that I have the mod above in mind to make use of this weapon (Rise to Power). In this mod China can not only build the MiG, but also the J-10 (which can be used against air and ground units) and the Su-34, a bomber more deadly than the MiG. The anti-awacs missile is heavy and big, so it CANNOT be carried by a MiG. Or one must use the Su-34 mentioned above, or another aircraft, but not the MiG. Furthermore, it should not be able to buy them, because than you can knock out every AWACS there is in a single strike. !!!!!ONE MUST THINK OF A FAIR BALANCE WITH THIS; the AWACS is more dominant, but should be vulnerable for a sneack attack, especially if coordinated with massive support!! So, maybe the anti-awacs missile is a Generals-upgrade that can be launched once in several minutes (maybe available in 3 steps, thus releasing 3 missiles at the same time as a maximum?) Maybe it should not be launched from an aircraft at all, but maybe from a dedicated new unit, or maybe even from a (new) building? Some sort of rocket silo? Of course, the missile should only be able to be bought after the following; -you must have radar on your Command Center, -you must have built a propaganda Center -you must have built an Internet Center -you must have bought BOTH upgrades in the Internet Center. Maybe the AWACS is stealthy to all units except from a radar-van? Maybe if the van detects one, and you have bought all of the above, it automatically orders the launch of this very fast and deadly missile? (the missile itself is then launched from an aircraft or some sort of silo). It is also possible to create a new unit, having the S-300 or S-400 anti-aircraft sytem in mind. Expensive, generals-upgrade, slow and it must be deployed before it can open fire. If linked in a network with radar vans, if a van detects AWACS, it auto-launches its missile? Also, since I think China is rather balanced out and don't want to change too much about it, maybe Shaolin-close combat-training for it's infantry? Finally, I had some ideas about the GLA. In Rise to Power, a big wish of mine was fulfilled; Nuker has given the newly-created Saddam-General a modest Air Force; small suicide planes instead of bombers and very old-fashioned MiG-29's that can be equipped against aircraft or ground troops. I like this very much. Unfortunately he has decided not to feature Saddam's Giant Gun anymore... This would be a very good asset to incorporate in the game again (he made it mobile, but maybe it's better as the Grand Cannon featured in Yuri, used for static defense?). He also incorporated the Mi-24 assault heli; it can carry some troops, but unlike it's real brother, it has almost no armament (this should be possible as an upgrade). I have been thinking a little while about the vehicle-bunkers from RA2. This would be very useful for the GLA as well. So, if possible, I think it is a very good idea to create a building in which one can put a vehicle, which in turn can fire from the building but is more protected from damage. To wrap it all up, I had a more interactive map in mind; I have already seen mods with destroyable (and rebuildable) bridges, more different kinds of garrisonable buildings, but I miss the power plants, secret tech labs, etc. Why not put in a capturable airfield? You can replenish your aircraft there, and maybe have access to other techs? Or how about a Doomsday-surprise? Enter a certain building and find out it is booby-trapped, but more massively? Maybe this is a bit too much? But, what about a map/scenario that involves the inhabtitants of towns as well? So, take your tank, ride into the village, but be careful; if you kill a certain number of them (don't squash them or shoot their houses!), the town rises up!! They arm themselves with machineguns and rocketlaunchers and garrison the whole town, while the most infuriated start to form mobs so angry, they run into the base of the player that provoked them!! Of course, if you already have buildings and/or units in the town, they are now very vulnerable for attack... Finally, all the vehicles in town are made into improvised technicals. I think that towns would be made much more fun now. In reality, there are not many armies who like to fight urban warfare; it's bloody confusing and difficult, and this way it would be made more realistic. You have to be careful to enter a town, but you might be able to lure an enemy into town (the old saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend!) and let him dig his own grave. However, it should be possible to create more influence over a town. So, the Chinese should have a propaganda-unit (tower, infantry or vehicle?), the GLA should build a prison-camp or -car, and the USA maybe a police office/unit? Something like it... Well, that's all I have to contribute for now. Feel free to use my inspiration if you can, since I cannot. I hope that in the future I will be able to make my own ideas come true, but I'm afraid this might take a while...

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