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Basicaly jsut share some of your video game idea's. 1) (first or third person) I had this idea for a while. You and a few other men are cave divers, or sperlunkers i guess you could call em, any way, your going through this cave and something bad happens (tunnel collapses, rope to the top rips or something) and you become stranded in there. Your first objective is to find an alternate path. Here's where the dynamicity comes in. There are different pathes all along the way and each path leads to a different starting point in the next level or area. And now heres where the survival horror comes into play, after your first objective you encounter some dead bodies and find a flare gun, all of your equipment can be used as a weapon, why will you need a weapon in a cave might you say? Well after you find the flaregun, you fire off a round into the cave and you can slightly see some things scurry out of the light. Through the rest of the game you'lll be fighting these things off while you try to escape, they spawn randomly, they have limited spawns, they have a type of AI that stalks you and then attacks, and the entire game is pitch black, except you have a flashlight, flares, and glow sticks. 2.) (first person) Your in the airport waiting for your plane until something happens. Some type of asteroid crashes into the airport and you get knocked unconcouis, when you wake up everything around you is burnring and people are trying to open a door, you get up and ask whats going on they reply by saying a meteor crashed into the airport. So you help em open the door but everything is dark, one guy goes in to see if he can find a light and all of a sudden you see him fly out of the room with some kind of alien on him. A security gaurd comes in shoots the alien and you continue on, security gaurd dies, you get his gun, then you have to find your way out of the airport. The aliens are these weird leech like things, 4 and a half feet tall with 4 limbs, they're slimy and when they attack they have struggle fights with survivors, sometimes the survivors win, sometimes they don't. You then get out of the airport and then there will be a sequel. 3.) Your in a city, completely free roamable, much like vice city, your can switch between 3rd or first person and the city is over run with zombies. There are many buildings which you can enter and explore, there are LOTS of different weapons, there are dynamicly created battles between the undead and survivors or the military, since they patrol the city killing undead. The undead respawn and theres a campaign you must do, you do a chain of missions that end up with you leading a scientist out of the city onto a boat but you stay in the city. So that leaves you with a completely open game to explore even after the campaign is done. Main areas of interest are an old Science facility, the powerplant, the airport, and the police station, each place being the only areas in the city where you can completely explore, every room, closet, and hallway. There are 5 different types of zombies, half zombies, whole zombies, zombie dogs, acid spitting zombies, and zombies that can climb walls.