Videogame christmas sales "underperforming hugely" 21 replies

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17th June 2002

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#21 15 years ago

There's a universal 'crap limit' that everybody has. Though most games are a matter of opinion, as demonstrated with the comment about HL2 directly above, there are some games which are simply beyond redemption. Starship Troopers, to name a recent example. Most of EA's current stock, to name 50,000 more. Hopefully companies will stop with the mass-production and start with the quality control, though that won't happen. They just need to pay off a few more reviewers!



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5th August 2004

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#22 15 years ago

Yeah, right now it seems like game companies are expecting everyone to be content with "OK", and "mediocre" games. It's unacceptable, and sales will reflect that.

And to be truthful, I'm really getting burnt out on the first-person shooter genre. What I do now from time to time, is go to abandonware sites like Home of the Underdogs to download some of the oldies but goodies. I can relive the classics, and perhaps finally beat some of them, like Bioforge.