villiger mod/skin? and screenshots? 2 replies

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#1 12 years ago

hello i had a question generally is it possible to endit the files or create a mod for them so that you can use the skin of your creature , onto teh villigers my gut tells me this is possible, as its just aplying one skin over another... but im uncertain how i thought this would rock haveing your creature with little villiger creatures anyone ever tried or concidered trying this? since no actual skin altering is required, i thought it may be simpler, because you only gota apply the creature skin to the villigers i have a wolf but i duno if that also matters, cause a creatures specific data is sometimes unbias to its creature species, and sometimes there is species specific data. in all truths i humble befor anyone that knows alot about computers cause im just learning, and have alot to learn. just was curious if someone had already thought of this, tried it, knew how to do it, or could instruct me as to how i might do it? thanks everyone for your time noticed a few awesoem mods on here ill have to check out, my gratatude for the creators, give me never endings cool things to try out ^_^ dam if i still dont know how to take screeshots as files ... thats another enigma thats eluding me when i tap my print screen button in other games it usualy saves screenshots to a folder on my pc " usualy in the games program files folder somewhere bw2 dosent every time i desire a screen i have to take it and manayly go out from the game and paste it into a program, which is a hastle, time consuming, soemtimes crashed the game, and takes forever to line up a good shot when you cant tap the shot button for mulitble shots ^_^ anywho thanks all for trying to help guide my curiocities thanks to all your cool stuff you are increasing my enjoyment of the game hope to hear back from some of ya soon have a great day



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#2 12 years ago

This is a reply to the screenshot question. In game just press Alt and s to take a screenshot. The first time in a game may take a couple seconds but after that taking screenshots is instant. To access the screenshots latter: go to my documents and find the black and white 2 FOLDER. Go to PROFILES. A list of all the game profiles should be there. Go into yours and there will be another list that apears and one will be screenshots. And thats where all shots you took will be.


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#3 12 years ago

sounds possible but youd have to make a new model because A. creature skins are way to big and B. if youd downsize them theyd lose quality