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10th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

={W}=Warmongers clan is announcing their joining of the AA community. We are a clan made up of 25+ members, from the U.S. , Canada and Great Britain !! At the time of this post we currently have 6 active members playing Americas Army. Warmongers clan has been around for 3 years and currently plays Unreal tournament: Mohaa: Call Of Duty: Battlefield Vietnam: And BF 1942.... We consist of former Elite members of ||ECD|| and Sealteam6 and we are looking to recruit only the best, honest, and competitive players from the gaming community.. our website is WWW.Warmongersclan.com feel free to join our forums and enlist into our team. see you on the battlefield : ={W}=Agent=311 [Gen] recruitment officer other members in AA ={W}=Shroud ={W}=Chuck ={W}=Eddie Torrres ={W}=Trogdor ={W}=Strider