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#1 13 years ago

I am advance graphics designer in desktop publishing with good community. Now i am trying to make a Open source gaming sqaud or community that together built a real cutting edge game and then we can sell to good company. In our sqaud will be Designer,3D desinger,modelers,animators and programers etc. It may near about 12 persons that work together on singal project with agreements. In this way we can earn real and good experience,skills and if did real good job then we can earn $. So who are intrested? Looking for good people.

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#2 13 years ago

I can't help you with making a game but I have a sugjestion for a game to make.

Here's my sugjestion for a game: A game where you are in the middle of jurassic park and you have to escape just by going to the edge just like the movie, and there are t rexes and raptors all over the island, and you can find a weapon or two to use.

That's my sugjestion, I'd get it if it was made good and I heard about it when it came out.