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#1 13 years ago

if there is already a similar thread can you please point me in that direction.

i have a problem with warlords, a while back when it first came out i got and installed it, played it etc... i uninstall it.

now i've just got an urge to play it again, but when i entered the civ4 disc the autorun only gave me the play option, so i did it manually on the disc and it asked if wanted to remove civ4. i did then installed it.

when i entered the warlords disc it did the same thing, again i went onto the disc and clicked the setup, this time it said it has detected warlords patch 2.0 and that i should uninstall that first before proceeding.

now heres the problem, warlords isn't even on my computer, i searched program files, documents and settings and i even did a windows search and found nothing. add and remove files has a warlordspatch tab but when i select remove it gives an error and says file destination doesn't exist.

any help please?