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#11 10 years ago

Starfleet Command

Knights of the Old Republic

Supreme Commander

UFO Enemy unknown (aka Xcom UFO defence)

Homeworld 1 & 2 (first one had a better story, the latter one was a better game)

Master of Orion 2

Space Empires IV

Fallout 2

Call of Duty

Dragon Age (almost didn't make the list due to its awful party system. Gift giving seems like a step back from KOTOR. The inability to swap out party members on the fly is also annoying since IRL you'd take your whole mob with you when you went dungeon delving. Also has some balance issues so far as the archery and two hander trees go. Other than that it is a really good game though.)


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#12 10 years ago

have you guys tried the game s.t.a.l.k.e.r.???


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#13 10 years ago

My favourite games are:

(1) Balloon Boy (2) Basketball Machine (3) Mad Trucker 2 (4) Bike Champ (5) GTA vice city stories

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