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14th February 2007

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#1 9 years ago

(Modders only lol)

So what games do you guys mod?

(I Don't Mod anymore, only dev, but for all purposes, same thing... cept i'm working to make a game rather than a game modification)

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14th August 2008

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#2 9 years ago

I used to mod KotOR, Fable (The Lost Chapters) and TES: Morrowind. These last few weeks have been a pain in the arse. Haven't had much spare time. I might consider modding Dragon Age: Origins, if that's an option at all.

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9th June 2009

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#3 9 years ago

That depends, I'm working on a top-secret PS2 mod right now...

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7th November 2005

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#4 9 years ago

Used to mod for jk3. All my mods were always constantly in development, tweaking/making them better as learned more and more. Only released 2 things if i remember correctly. One of these days i should finish up my ship among other projects.


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#5 9 years ago

I've modded some of SWBF2. I've also done some (very little) modding of JK3 and EaW.

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15th March 2005

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#6 9 years ago

JK3, KotOR, KotOR2, NWN, NWN2, Sims 2, Oblivion, some (much) more heavily than others.

Have only publicly modded JK3 and KotOR series.

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10th September 2007

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#7 9 years ago


Except for Kotor, NWN2, and Sims 2. Also, I've modded MOHAA, and a couple other games.

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14th February 2007

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#8 9 years ago

Well i used to map for JK2 /JK3 and do everything for EAW/FOC.. Dabbled a little in UAW, but it sucked too much. (Game Fail)

and now I'm just working with the spring game engine rather than a commercial game.


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1st January 2005

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#9 9 years ago

I guess I'm not a modder per se, but have done some back end modding on CoD 2, FEAR and also some sp map modding in Crysis. In CoD 2 I did minor tweaking to add to a realism mod I was using whereby I changed the loadout to bolt rifles and pistols in each map, and took out the iron sights zoom.

In FEAR I made a no ambients mod that removes the ambient background sounds for better stealth play and/or making videos with background music.

The most extensive modding I've done though was in Crysis sp.

Spoiler: Show

I totally revamped the Ascension map whereby you could carry over your weapons from the previous level and land and exit the VTOL or parachute out of it. I also opened all the tunnels and continued the ground surface through them, including the train tunnel where I also built a bridge w/ tracks leading to the nearby depot I made by adding a few things to an existing area.

I also added a Gauss tank and Hovercraft near the convoy, w/ a fire road through the trees connected by existing water and a cliff I slackened to drive the Hovercraft on. I made a sandbar across the inlet near the beach to drive the tank all the way to a warehouse I put in at the refinery.

I also added enemy AI. Nanosuit NK in the train tunnel with missile launchers, some Scouts positioned in the valley before the beach and near the beach, a NK Heli w/ pilot and gunner standing by in a high secluded meadow over a ridge across from the depot, and a Hunter near the warehouse.

There were 4 optional side objectives I wanted to script in. The salvaging of the tank and/or Hovercraft, and retrieval of intel in a wrecked train car in the train tunnel, and a MOAC attachment on a frozen NK atop the meadow just before the cliff turned into Hover slide. He was posed firing at one of the freeze ray Scouts, naive to the fact that the weapon he held was a mere attachment vs hand held firearm. The 4th objective was to be finding the field TAC Gun and killing the Hunter, which I place atop an existing building near the Hunter, which had to be accessed via jumping from a crane I positioned near it.

I was in the process of adding an NK porta barracks across from the warehouse, but never finished. What was frustrating is my proximity triggers worked fine in the editor, but not in the game. I had the NK Heli/troops arranged so it would take off and fly toward the US Heli I placed on the warehouse Helipad as soon as I got in the heli to go back and get the other vehicle (Tank or Hovercraft).

The trigger I placed on the roof where the TAC Gun was seemed to work fine to get the Hunter to fire his singularity cannon, and the rest of the AI I left to react upon sight of enemy, but the intended dog fight w/ the NK Heli was supposed to be a key element that never panned out.

Thus I never got to the point of learning how to script in objectives, and I couldn't find a way to rescue the convoy (my original intent). Despite what you hear in the game dialog, I found half of that convoy was still alive in vehicles still idling when I explored on ground, and there were a couple US foot troops too, one at the depot and one near the beach.

It was rather fun and challenging driving the Hovercraft without damaging it too much on the bumpy terrain while trying to avoid getting shot by the freeze ray Scouts I placed. If you timed it just right and steered well, you could drive it right under the Hunter just before putting it in the warehouse. You could even parachute out and land in the Hovercraft as an option or if the VTOL got shot down by the Scouts.

One Idea I had was to add a cargo lift VTOL near the beach or have one scripted to come in and fly the Gauss Tank out, but I never pursued that even though someone did figure out a way to make a working cargo lift VTOL. I also wanted to make the double doors of the warehouse automatically open when you got near them, vs being already open, but never worked on that part. I kept and still have the mod as is, and plan to try and refine it more when I build my new gaming rig, this time on W7. The problems I had may be due to my rig not being powerful enough to work well with SB2.

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11th November 2006

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#10 9 years ago

I've done some slight mapping for Jedi Academy, Crysis, and Far Cry 2(Never released anything there). The Elder Scrolls IV is another game I've tried to complete a project with, but once more I failed due to complications. I've never really done anything with a serious perspective, as most of my work has been something to pass time with.